Valentines day without you.

My new vintage dress

chapter 24 – Vintage dresses & poetry. 

Today I wore my new summer dress & it’s Valentines day, I miss my Valentine that lives in another town. I found a new dress instead in a second-hand store called ‘‘myrornas” for 100 swedish crowns. I also bought a new poetry book & it’s better than I thought! 

This is my morning without you! Oh how I miss you. 

valentines day by Sabina Tabakovic

selfportrait sabina tabakovic

My life by Sabina Tabakovic

time for a change by Sabina Tabakovic

thoughts by Sabina Tabakovic

rise up by Sabina Tabakovic

beauty but broken by Sabina Tabakovic

How did you spend your Valentines day?



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