Beauty over time.

This is the first spontaneous photo made for my little project called ”Timeless beauty”. I would like to shoot different kinds of  women, both younger, older & with different backgrounds. I think this could be a lifetime project! I will always be interested in the female body since I find it very inspiring & timelessly beautiful no matter the age or size. I truly believe every woman are beautiful in their own ways! Be proud of who you are , you are YOU for a reason! If you are interested in working with me for this project feel free to contact me at

I have a question for you (both women & men) , I would love to know what you find ”most beautiful” about YOU.. you need to choose at least one thing, please share this with me, I really want to know! 

(Jag skulle vilja veta en sak som du tycker är VACKER med dig själv, dela med dig, det inspirerar mig att veta) :)

- – -  

Kära läsare. Jag kommer att skriva på engelska i de flesta blogginläggen! Vill bara att du ska veta att det går bra att skriva kommentarerna på svenska & skulle det vara något du inte förstår så översätter jag det gärna åt dig i kommentarsfältet. ♥


sabina tabakovic

All I know is love.

chapter 5 – I’m kind of  lost without it. 

Fotografiska_Sabina Tabakovic / I

still trying to figure out what is going on

inside my head


I feel lost & lonely 


beautiful but still sad

luckily I’m still filled with love 

with wonderful dreams

with thoughts about a new beginning

About the photo: I made it earlier this summer & it means the world to me! You can see more from this day in my first blogpost in this blog made byFotografiskaThe princess is one of my best friends here in Stockholm, I just want to thank her for making one of my ideas I had for such a long time, come true. Thank you Paulina! 


sabina tabakovic


Beauty over time.


Photograph by me.

I want to devote my self to photography.

I am looking for new faces, challenging projects & a designer that makes dreamy clothes with attitude.

And I want to travel, meet new creative people to collaborate  with in different parts of the world.

Is this just a dream or will it come true? <3


 Sabina Tabakovic.

What shall we do if we get lost?

sabina tabakovic cat  sabina tabakovic   sabina tabakovic sabina tabakovic sabina tabakovic sabina tabakovic sabina tabakovic sabina tabakovic

“What shall we do if we get lost?”

Stand still.  The trees before you and the bushes beside you are not lost.

Wherever you are is a place called here,

and you must treat it as a powerful stranger.

Stand still.  Listen.

The forest knows where you are.

Let it find you.

All photographs by Sabina Tabakovic.

Spring. ♡

House of dreams.

house of dreams by sabina tabakovic house of dreams by sabina tabakovic5house of dreams by sabina tabakovic8sabina tabakovichouse of dreams by sabina tabakovic2house of dreams by sabina tabakovichouse of dreams by sabina tabakovicDSC_8023house of dreams by sabina tabakovic house of dreams by sabina tabakovichouse of dreams by sabina tabakovic7house of dreams by sabina tabakovic

Photographs by Sabina Tabakovic

Artist/model – Naomi Pilgrim
Director – Liza Minou Morberg
Set Designer – Johanna Månsdotter
Stylist – Nette Sandström
Coreographer – Sacha Jean-Baptiste
Make Up – Nathalie Aslan
Dancer – Robin Tumpum Peters
Nail Stylist – Kim Hellström

See the video, here.