With a magic glory from the 40’s this apartment in Paris was left isolated for 70 years. It was during World War II that the actress Madame de Florian fled the Nazi raid and left all her possessions behind, where they remained undisturbed because she continued to diligently pay the rent.

Madame de Florian died 2010 in the South of France at age 91. Soon after her death the apartment was discovered untouched as if time was stopped it has amazed people all around the world. It’s full of everyday personal items like hair brushes as well as more unusual things like an original Disney Mickey Mouse doll & beautiful paintings.

This painting above turned out to be an 1898 portrait of the owner’s grandmother, painted by the fashionable portraitist Giovanni Boldini. Never before seen publicly, the painting was Boldini’s gift to Marthe, who was at once was his lover.  After the discovery of the Marthe de Florian painting, it sold at auction for about $2.9 million.

Isn’t this one of the most beautiful apartments you’ve seen?

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