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Sabina TabakovicFotografiska _ Sabina Tabakovic _ Chapter 1

chapter 1 – About something very close to my heart.

I never knew how to say goodbye of things I love. Losing something that you can’t replace is painful but it doesn’t change the beauty of what you once had & the memory of it. Life has its magical moments. Enjoy them truly whenever they surprise you, be ready, use your wings & fly!! 

Just thinking….

If you had ONE chance to go back in time & make a small or big moment in your life last forever , ask yourself what moment would that be! Feel free to share your moment with me & remember to always follow your heart. 🙂 Keep dreaming, I will.

Fotografiska _ Sabina Tabakovic / I , I don't want to forget

 Early morning shoot with Paulina, inspired by ophelia.

Fotografiska _ Sabina Tabakovic

Where are we & why?                                                                              

Stockholm/Sandasjön- a lake that reminded me of a beautiful memory.

between dreams and reality...

Fotografiska  _ Sabina Tabakovic

Photographs by Sabina Tabaković 

only in my dreamsdestiny

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