Amanda. ♥

Amanda ~ ♥

I miss you.

Photographs by me: Sabina Tabakovic

Beautiful dresses by Smileyvintage 

Model: Beautiful Amanda.

ps. jag är fylld av konstiga olika känslor alla på en & samma gång, men mest kärlek & magiska krafter typ  ~ som tar över varje normal tanke. 

Remember whoever is reading this – you are NEVER alone, you always have your beautiful heart to listen to & I’m always here if there’s anything I can do.

 sabina tabakovic

Never give up.

Photo: Sabina Tabakovic

Chapter 3 – What you feel is more important than what you see. 

(Photo: Sabina Tabakovic)

Close your eyes & if you are sad listen to music you love, it will help! 

I listen to music every day. Depending on my mood I choose different artists. This evening I have been listening too this great song called ”Freaks” by Singapore Sling (a lot) but also to ”Go you own way” by Fleetwood Mac, all songs by Rue Royal & the best songs by Bruce Springsteen & my favorite of course –> Dustin O’Halloran & Adam Hurst! Sometimes I search for new songs by deciding the title my self. Few minutes ago I searched for ”Never give up”.. & found this unreleased song by Whitney Houston. I love the message & the song too! After listening to it more than once I started to like it even more, it reminds me of my mother & her strenght! I chose some of my favorite lines from the song for you to read.


” Till you get it right, tell them you will never quit
tell them you will never quit until they day you get it right
Never never give up
even though some days you’ll have to cry
shake it off and know that everything will be alright
as long as you never never give up, never never give up
even when the people round you don’t believe
but in the twelfth round, when you’re against the ropes,
here comes your last minute miracle,
you’ve got to know to never never give up

no matter how many times, somebody tells you it ain’t working
never never give up
hold your head to the sky, look them right in the eyes
tell you will never quit until the day you get it right
the sky is the limit, for whatever you want to do
don’t let anyone tell you, it ain’t possible
no matter how low you feel, keep going higher
see I’ve been holding on, to my dreams too long
to watch it get away from me
and I promise you that
I will never never give up. ”



Sabina Tabakovic

Self-portrait ♥ sutra bit ce prekasno.

Oslobodi me- ako znas ocemu govorim.

I see you in everything that is beautiful by Sabina Tabakovic

photographs by Sabina Tabakovic.

sta smo imali nekada by Sabina Tabakovic

you are still in my fairytale by Sabina Tabakovic

Selfportraits taken in Halmstad & Jönköping 2011. 

It takes a strong person to say sorry & an ever stronger person to forgive.

So forgive & let more love rule the world for 2012 & the years to come…

Love to all of you & espeacially to my love ”Bambi” :-* . ♥



sabina tabakovic

Sometimes I wake up, forgetting I will never see you again.

Sometimes I wake up, forgetting I will never see you again.

chapter 4 – We looked at each other for the last time, but we did not know. 

Fotografiska _ Sabina Tabakovic / I , before we knew

Photographs by Sabina Tabaković 

Fotografiska _ photo by Sabina Tabakovic

Fotografiska _ Sabina Tabakovic / III

This spontaneous shoot took place at svartsjöslott earlier this summer.Fotografiska _ LOVE OVER TIME

set the past free ...

By posting these pictures

this late night

when I feel most awake

(2:07 am)

I’m sharing a very important part

of my life


where my heart is …

If you find true love don’t let go, I did! 

sabina tabakovic

From me to you.

Sabina TabakovicFotografiska _ Sabina Tabakovic _ Chapter 1

chapter 1 – About something very close to my heart.

I never knew how to say goodbye of things I love. Losing something that you can’t replace is painful but it doesn’t change the beauty of what you once had & the memory of it. Life has its magical moments. Enjoy them truly whenever they surprise you, be ready, use your wings & fly!! 

Just thinking….

If you had ONE chance to go back in time & make a small or big moment in your life last forever , ask yourself what moment would that be! Feel free to share your moment with me & remember to always follow your heart. 🙂 Keep dreaming, I will.

Fotografiska _ Sabina Tabakovic / I , I don't want to forget

 Early morning shoot with Paulina, inspired by ophelia.

Fotografiska _ Sabina Tabakovic

Where are we & why?                                                                              

Stockholm/Sandasjön- a lake that reminded me of a beautiful memory.

between dreams and reality...

Fotografiska  _ Sabina Tabakovic

Photographs by Sabina Tabaković 

only in my dreamsdestiny

sabina tabakovic