Can I be here forever. Surrounded by freedom. Clothed in truth. Always.

The return to happiness. ♡

Photographs by: Sabina Tabakovic. 20,1. Sabina Tabakovic Sabina Tabakovic 12 Allt var stilla nu
Som om hennes själ blivit en skog med gläntor som förgrenade sig
Solen gick långsamt upp
Dess ljus byggde luftslott på jorden
Det blev lätt att gråta nu
Hennes själ var i gungning som ett hav

20,1. Sabina Tabakovic 23525 Sabina Tabakovic 21. Sabina Tabakovic We can be as tiny, gigantic, strong or vulnerable as we want, we are able to become real or fictional. Or both. We can look at the world or ourselves upside down or inside out, and go to all the places where we feel like we belong.♡



I could have made different choices but here I am feeling happy. And I feel oh so much love inside of me because I still listen to my heart even if there is a lot of “you should “, you could have” you need to” I always listen to what is the right thing for me.

You made me happy yesterday.
Tiotusen meter ovanför liven på jorden.

Paulina. ♡

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Have you ever felt that you became ”more of who you are” because of a place..

Selfportrait in my tiny little apartment on the book cover of Pascal Bruckner’s novel.

Collecting peaceful seconds
Among the trees that leaned against the sky

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Photographs by: me, Sabina Tabakovic.

 Vill vakna, leva, inte slösa livet på saker som aldrig ger syre till själen.

Sabina Tabakovic Copyright 2011 Sabina Tabakovic Photograpger Shop 25 Sabina Tabakovic Photograpger Shop 49

My favorite things.

I believe in this tree.

Sometimes dressing up in a vintage dress just to create something with my camera makes everything feel better.



Last day of this October
Biking felt like flying, the air kissed my heart & we cried until we smiled

Magic exists. Who can doubt it, when there are rainbows and wildflowers, the music of the wind and the silence of the stars? Anyone who has loved has been touched by magic. It is such a simple and such an extraordinary part of the lives we live.

She flew among the owls, seeking divine heights of freedom flapping her wings.The other birds flee from Autumn, but not her. She is the fearless bird.