Can I be here forever. Surrounded by freedom. Clothed in truth. Always.

Photographs by: Sabina Tabakovic.
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Selfportrait in my tiny little apartment on the book cover of Pascal Bruckner’s novel.

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All photographs by: me, Sabina Tabakovic.

Sabina Tabakovic Copyright 2011 Sabina Tabakovic Photograpger Shop 25 Sabina Tabakovic Photograpger Shop 49

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Inner child, 2010 by: me, Sabina Tabakovic.

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Sabina Tabakovic Copyright 2011  

Selfportrait by Sabina Tabakovic,

on the book cover of Anne Goscinny’s Novel. 

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All photographs: by me, Sabina Tabakovic. See more of me, here: